4 Ways to Get Great Summer Skin 

The summer can do some serious damage to our skin, even without a tan or sunburn. Are you experiencing dry or rough skin, pre-mature aging, lines & wrinkles, brown spots, large pores, or acne? You’re not alone! My top summer-skin treatments are not only effective, they are incredibly affordable and interchangeable in our monthly VIP membership.

#1. Stay hydrated inside and out

Hot days and summer fun require more H2O. Drink more water to keep all systems running, maintain your moisture balance, and prevent headaches and dizzy spells.

Treatment of choice: A HydraFacial MD will gently exfoliate even the most sensitive skin, while also re-hydrating, nourishing, and protecting. This results-driven medical-grade facial is strong enough to instantly feel improvement, but gentle enough to attend a summer function immediately after. Trade in “sweaty summer” for “youthfully dewy”.

#2. Exfoliate without causing damage

Humidity already makes our pores appear larger. Add the combination of moisturizers, sunscreens, sun exposure, summer heat, and makeup, and you’ve got congested pores you can see and feel. Don’t throw away your mirrors—the solution is quick and easy!

Treatments of choice: Dermaplaning and MicroNeedling are the expert treatments made famous by celebrities. Don’t risk skin tears and adding to sun damage with aggressive dermabrasions or home scrubs. Professional exfoliation is much more effective result, relaxing, and safe.

Dermaplaning will remove up to 3-weeks of built-up dead skin cells and the pesky peach fuzz that keeps showing up in your summer-lit photos. Your pores will immediately appear smaller, your quality moisturizers will be better absorbed, and your makeup will glide on with ease. There is no downtime with this treatment; you’re silky smooth and ready for anything.

MicroNeedling immediately exfoliates, and then works overtime to stimulate new collagen production, and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Most patients experience some redness after treatment, so it’s best to plan accordingly.

#3. Correct sun damage, clear acne, and glow!

Are you already dealing with sun damage? Brown spots, thick, dull, dry skin, lines and wrinkles, unruly acne or troubled pores? If so, we should consider the quickest and most effective treatment: the VI Chemical Peel. In less than 7 days, we can remove dead skin, draw excess oil from the pores which will clear acne and tighten the look of pores, slow future oil production, even out any discoloration, and provide an overall glow.

Special note: All of my patients see improvement with one peel, but I would love to meet with you and discuss your expectations first. If you struggle with severe acne or dark spots, you may need a stronger peel or additional treatments. It’s all about getting the result you want and not settling for less. It’s also important that you plan on serious sunscreen use for several days after your peel.

#4. Prevent damage & maintain your results

We’ve heard it a hundred times, but trust me—sunscreen will be your very best friend. You can prevent unnecessary pre-mature aging, brown spots, lines and wrinkles, and skin cancer with regular skin screen use. If you’re receiving treatment with us, apply and re-apply sunscreen to maintain your result. Next time you’re in, ask me to help you select a good sunscreen. Our professional-grade formulas will not lead to breakouts, are easy to apply, and will keep your beautiful skin safe.

Let’s talk about achieving your best summer skin! Schedule your complimentary consult with myself or one of our expert practitioners.

Stay radiant,

Amber Cherry, Master Aesthetician

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