How Synergy Can Help Your Teen with Acne

Teen acne is a normal skin condition that is not always caused by having a dirty face. While genetics do play a roll, it is still normal for your teen to get acne even if you or your spouse didn’t have acne growing up. If you did have acne growing up, you know how difficult it was.

The teen years have always been tough for acne suffers, but now we have the added pressures of social media, tagged photos, group photos, and the “selfie”. Acne can affect their social situations, school performance, and overall outlook on life. Pimples, and pimple scaring if not taken care of properly, can cause physical and emotional damage that transcends the teen years.

The good news: research has come a long way since the 80’s! A lot more research has been done, there are a lot more effective solutions available without a harmful antibiotics or Acutane prescriptions, and we have trained experts available to help.

Synergy MedAesthetics has Medical Master Aestheticians with years of experience in medical-grade skin treatments and skincare. Their education and careers have been dedicated to treating various skin conditions, including acne. Our experts have a special soft spot for teens and adults dealing with both acne and acne scaring. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear, “Wow, I’ve never seen my skin like this”, and “I actually love my skin now”.

Here is what research tells us:

  • Acne is normal, but it can be reduced and often treated completely
  • Acne is caused by sebum clogging hair follicles (or pores), which becomes sticky and makes the skin difficult to shed. Sebum + dead skin cells + bacteria trapped in the clogged pore = pimple.
  • No amount of cleansing will reduce acne; too much washing can make it worse
  • More isn’t better: using 10+ products will not “trick” the acne
  • There are skincare ingredients proven to be effective, but many of those products are only available by prescription (which we carry)
  • Not all acne situations are the same, which is why one product doesn’t work for everyone


Here is how Synergy can help:

  1. We offer 100% complimentary consults. We will discuss concerns, evaluate individual skin needs, and suggest a treatment plan based on our professional experience.
  2. Our VI Chemical Peel for Acne is a real kick-starter to clearer skin, fast! Results vary, but most patients see incredible improvement in active acne, as well as acne marks with just one treatment. Severe acne may require a series, but will produce the best & most confident-boosting result! Added benefits include: glowing, softer skin, reduced pore size, and a more even complexion.
  3. Our Acne Laser treatment is gentle, quick, and painless. Blue light is delivered down deep, killing the bacteria preventing it from reproducing and spreading to other areas of the face. This is often selected as a corrective treatment, and then for maintenance or weeks prior to special events, like class photos or prom!
  4. HydraFacial MD and Dermaplaning are both great options once active acne has subsided. Keeping the skin expertly exfoliated will help prevent excess build-up, which can reduce future breakouts.
  5. Last but not least: skincare. Believe us when we say that the right skincare will save your time and money in the long run. After investing time and emotion into your medical treatments, we want our patients to have the ability to maintain their results at home. Medical-grade and prescription skincare is available here at Synergy, and our experts will choose the products based on your specific needs. Rather than going back to the same old cleansers and irritating the skin again, we want to set you and/or your teen up for success.

Not all listed treatment or skincare options may be right for you. We’re known for our honest and professional consults, so you have nothing to worry about. Do you want to skip the cold waiting room and the doctor’s cure-all medication? Do you want your teen to actually learn how to care for their skin? If you would like to schedule a fun, educational, comfortable, and judgment-free consult with a female professional, please do. We can’t wait to help.

Stay radiant,

Amber Cherry, Master Aesthetician

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