Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Hair Removal (Available in the Tri-Cities at our Kennewick location)

Many people have questions about laser hair removal, wondering if it is right for them.  As one of our most popular procedures, laser hair removal offers more than just aesthetic results-without sounding dramatic, it can be life changing!  In 4-6 comfortable treatments our laser can remove the hair that has bothered you.  Looking for time saving convenience or to be rid of your insecurities caused by unsightly hair?  We love this procedure because we love making our patients happy!  Below are examples of patients we have personally treated with our new laser.  If you want to learn more please phone us for a complimentary consultation at 509-222-8022.

  • For women who suffer from Hirstuism (hormone imbalance which causes dark hair on the face, chin and neck) laser hair removal can transform how a woman feels about herself and completely remove the self-conscious insecurity that comes with unsightly, female facial hair.
  • Women everywhere realize the time, cost, pain and ongoing maintenance of waxing. Shaving seems never-ending, causing razor burn and in-grown hair. Can you imagine putting on your shorts, swimsuit, or a tank top and not having to check or even THINK about whether you are smooth!?!  Really, we feel feminine, beautiful and on top of the details when hair is removed from those ‘certain areas’.
  • Men who have excessive body hair can reduce the thickness of their hair or completely remove it in undesirable areas such as the back, neck and ears.  Our patients have been very vocal about how laser hair removal changed their lives from poolside to the bedroom.
  • We have surgeons whom have undergone laser hair removal on their arms and hands to ensure the most sterile environment in their operating room.

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