The desire to look our best is always heightened when there’s a big event on our calendars. It could be a wedding, vacation, big company meeting, or just knowing you’ll be in photos that will hang on walls (both the physical and online ones) for years to come. The truth is that we perform at our best and truly enjoy ourselves when we are confident. That’s where we like to help with our Synergy Quick Lift in Kennewick.

Looking Your Best Is Easier Than You Might Think

Every week we see patients who want to look refreshed and youthful, and they have an event coming up. This means they need great results, quick! In our office, this is completely achievable; we just need the right treatment combination and a few weeks.

This is why we’ve created the “Synergy Quick Lift.” It is non-surgical, completely natural-looking, and provides quick results. It isn’t a new idea or a new service, it’s just a great package that we’ve put together because the combined results are amazing. This is our way of helping you find the solution faster.

What Is the Synergy “Quick Lift”?

Our quick lift includes: 4 dermal fillers, 60 units of Botox (or equivalent amounts of Xeomin or Dysport, depending on your needs), and a chemical peel (or IPL treatment). When we use both hyaluronic-based fillers and Botox, we can replace lost volume and contour the face (reduce the sagging effect) and soften both deep and fine lines. We can use the fillers to lift falling jowls and cheeks, soften deep lines around the mouth or beside the chin (often called “marionette lines”), and much more.

With Botox, we can smooth lines seen going across the forehead and between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, or even along the nose or chin. The chemical peel (or IPL laser treatment) helps smooth skin texture, minimize pores, and fade age/sun spots. The combination is dramatic, but natural, and will have you ready for your close-up in no time.

You’re unique—so that means you’ll need different dermal fillers to suit your concerns. The five fillers included in your Synergy Quick Lift in Kennewick will be determined by your individual concerns. For example, if your biggest “wow” result is from lifting your cheeks and creating contour, we will dedicate your package to that. Maybe your biggest “wow” result will be from a natural-looking, plumped lip and smoothing out lip and smile lines.

Everyone is different, which is why we made this customizable. We may choose a Juvederm product, Restylane product, Belotero, or Radiesse, depending on your needs. We don’t believe that “one fits all”—it’s important that we use the right product in the right place.

Here’s What You Should Know

  • The Synergy Quick Lift is best for those wanting immediate results, whether that is preparing for an event or simply wanting quick satisfaction.
  • This should be scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to your event.
  • Treatment time will be approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • This is not a treatment to schedule on your lunch break. Even with skilled hands, we are still causing some trauma to the skin. This means that you can expect some swelling, and bruising is possible. You can reduce these effects by taking certain precautions, but you should always be prepared for them.
  • You will see improvements immediately, but full results will not be seen for at least 2 weeks.
  • Filler can be expected to last nine months to two years, depending on the product used.
  • Botox should be repeated three to four times a year to maintain results and prevent deeper lines from forming.
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Why Does It Work?

If you’re new to the concept of dermal fillers, 4 can sound like a little or a lot. This treatment is very customized and exact, aimed at keeping you looking like yourself, just refreshed. Dermal fillers are expertly placed into the cheeks and surrounding areas, into the lines and corners around the mouth, the “marionette lines” around the chin, and lips. When you work with an expert who understands how to correct these issues properly, it looks completely natural!

So, Check Your Calendar!

When is the event? Do you have at least 2-4 weeks? Let’s talk ASAP! It gives us pride to help others stand with more confidence, whether it’s at a podium, an alter, or even the grocery store checkout stand. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation, we encourage you to do so! The Synergy Quick Lift was just voted a “staff favorite.”

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