People desiring cosmetic treatments today have a wide variety of options. While the task of doing thorough research can be exhausting, it goes without saying that laser treatments are leading the way in the world of cosmetic procedures. Patients can go into their practitioner’s office with the confidence in knowing that this technology is tried and true. Everything from excess hair to vascular lesions can be treated with laser therapy.

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What is laser treatment?

Lasers are tools that emit high-energy light. This light is used to target certain areas within the skin to deal with a multitude of issues. For cosmetic procedures, there are typically two different types of lasers that are employed. The first is known as an ablative laser. These are used to deal with issues on the top layers of the skin. They have essentially no effect on deeper layers of the skin or “dermis.” The other type, known as a non-ablative laser, is used to treat issues that lie deeper in the skin. These lasers emit light that traverses the top layers without causing any damage. Because of this, non-ablative procedures don’t entail any downtime for the patient.

How do lasers work?

There is a principle from physics that gives us insight into the mechanism of lasers: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can, however, be transformed or transferred from one object to another. Lasers focus light in a way that produces heat. When this heat is applied to the skin, it can elicit a change. As this light is monochromatic (of a single color), the hue chosen needs to match that of the target element in order to destroy it.

What aesthetic concerns can lasers treat?

Laser Hair Removal

Anyone dealing with excess hair knows the pain of having to constantly shave, tweeze, wax, and trim. While these measures may keep the problem at bay, they pale in comparison to the long-lasting results of laser treatment. This FDA-approved procedure is painless, and there is no downtime. During the initial consultation, the patient's skin and hair pigment type is assessed to determine which laser will be most effective. The treatment is painless, and patients enjoy immediate results.

Laser Vein Treatment

Vascular lesions, also known as birthmarks, are relatively common abnormalities of the skin and underlying tissue. Laser treatment can be employed to alleviate the problem and is usually the best option for vascular lesions of the face, leaving their appearance vastly improved.

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