Male Cosmetic Procedures

Male cosmetic procedures have become increasingly more popular and entirely acceptable in society today. The desire to look and feel youthful, commanding, and satisfied in one’s own skin is not limited by one’s sexual identity.

As many as 10 percent of the non-invasive, minimally invasive, and surgical procedures we provide are specifically tailored to meet the needs of men in all professional verticals: Contractors, c-level executives, and CEOs alike come to Synergy MedAesthetics for a discreet helping hand in reaching their own unique body goals.

Among the many procedures we provide, the following are the most popular and pertinent to the male physique.

Botox For Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Whether you work in an office setting, from home, or on an exterior job, hyperhydrosis—also known as excessive sweating—may affect your appearance as well as your professional confidence. The condition manifests itself with profuse sweating, which can get so advanced as to soak the underarms of shirts, and run down the arms and onto the hands.

Some men will experience sweat quite literally dripping from their hands, even if they are simply at a desk or in an air-conditioned conference room.

Thankfully, the solution is a simple one. Botox cosmetic, which is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles, has dozens of common uses. One of the most popular and potentially life-changing is its use in preventing the sweat glands from overreacting.

Treatment Details: During a rapid in-office procedure, Botox is painlessly injected into the treatment areas, usually the armpits. Any side effects are minor and short-lived. Within 7 to 14 days, the sweat glands will no longer produce an abnormal amount of sweat. You will still maintain the healthy ability to perspire from the underarms or other treatment areas, but what you won’t have to experience is the excessive nature of the sweating that makes life and work uncomfortable.


Brotox is the name given to the use of Botox® cosmetic in treating men. Because aging affects us all in much the same ways, the uses of Botox are very similar in both men and women. The difference is in its application. Where a female might find it desirable to more dramatically reduce the appearance of their facial wrinkles and fine lines, a man might choose to maintain their strong masculine features, minus the strong wrinkles and folds that often appear between the eyebrows, or around the mouth in what are called nasolabial folds.

Our extremely experienced injectors will tailor a treatment plan for you exclusively. After a quick in-office procedure that is followed by few if any side effects, the extreme lines, skin folds, and dynamic wrinkles that you wanted to get rid of will begin to dissipate.

Because our injectors are well-versed and knowledgeable, you will never look frozen, expressionless, or less masculine. On the contrary, you will look less aged, weathered, and worn, in exactly the ways you want to.


Areas of the male physique that are resistant to exercise and a good diet include the flanks or love handles, the chest (pseudo-gynecomastia), double chin (submental fullness), upper arms, the abs, and other areas.

Each of these areas makes for a perfect treatment candidate for CoolSculpting, a treatment that safely freezes fat away. Depending on your goals for the procedure, you may need more than a single treatment session, but most patients find that their ideal physique starts to become a reality within two to four months of treatment.

Hair Restoration

Hair thinning and hair loss is so common in men, that it has been given its own name: male pattern baldness. The condition can occur for a variety of reasons—including hormonal, genetic, and age-related—and is nothing to be ashamed of.

At Synergy MedAesthetics, we offer two provenly effective treatments that restore hair naturally by harnessing the body’s unique healing abilities.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Hair Restoration: PRF Hair Restoration is a highly effective hair restoration treatment that is best done for patients who are in the early stages of hair loss. A small portion of the patient’s blood is drawn and run through a centrifuge that separates out the platelet-rich fibrin. The final solution used is entirely biocompatible as it has been derived only from your own body. It contains fibrin, stem cells, and platelets that promote the growth of healthy hair follicles.

ACell Hair Restoration: ACell is a hair restoration therapy that works at the cellular level to remodel damaged tissue and hair follicles. It is a painless procedure done here in the office that stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes. The procedure is fast and painless and is followed by rapid recovery, less scar tissue, and more dramatic hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal

Male patients who feel they have too much hair in certain parts of their body will benefit from laser hair removal. Classic treatments areas for men include the chest and back, as well as the more private areas of the body. Becoming entirely free of hair in these areas is often possible with laser hair removal, but multiple treatment sessions will be required.

At Synergy MedAesthetics, we utilize cutting-edge laser treatments that rapidly, comfortably, and effectively destroy targeted hair follicles for patients of any skin type or skin tone.

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