Skin tightening in Yakima refers to a collection of treatments that improve collagen production to tighten your skin tissues, giving you smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin. The most effective non-surgical skin tightening procedures accomplish this aim by encouraging your body to produce additional collagen fibers. Synergy MedAesthetics is a state-of-the-art and luxurious medical spa in Yakima that believes in using cutting-edge techniques to provide exceptional results.

Our skincare providers carefully assess your skin quality and understand your goals to recommend the ideal skin tightening procedure for your needs — RF Microneedling or Exilis Ultra 360. Please schedule an appointment with our providers to discuss your skin tightening options.

RF Microneedling

at Synergy MedAesthetics

RF microneedling is a cutting-edge treatment that combines the benefits of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) therapy. This procedure involves creating numerous micro-punctures on the skin’s surface to deliver highly-controlled radiofrequency energy deep within its underlying layers. RF microneedling simultaneously increases skin cell turnover and collagen production to provide smoother and tighter skin.

How does RF Microneedling work & Which treatment areas does it address?

RF microneedling is an advanced procedure that combines the benefits of two skin rejuvenation techniques — microneedling and RF therapy. Microneedling involves creating micron-injuries on the skin’s surface to activate the body’s healing response. RF therapy involves heating up the dermal layers to encourage collagen production.

The increased skin cell turnover replaces the old and damaged skin tissues with younger skin cells. And the skin’s restored collagen reserves tighten the skin tissues, enhance volume, and reduce wrinkles. The results are smoother and tighter skin. RF microneedling can tighten the skin tissues on any part of the body with excessive wrinkles or skin laxity.

What happens during the RF Microneedling treatment?

Your RF microneedling treatment starts with a personal consultation with our skincare providers. They carefully examine your skin tissues and treatment areas, review your medical history, and discuss your cosmetic goals to curate the ideal treatment plan. During your Yakima skin tightening treatment, they apply numbing cream over the treatment areas to reduce pain and discomfort.

The RF microneedling device is used to make highly-controlled micro-injuries on the uppermost layers of the skin. As the microneedles puncture the skin’s surface, they also deliver radiofrequency energy deep within the skin’s tissues, activating collagen production. The entire procedure concludes within 30 minutes, depending on the treatment areas.

How many RF Microneedling sessions do I need & When will I see the results?

Most patients need 2 to 4 sessions spaced a month apart each for optimal results. However, everyone is different, and your cosmetic provider will curate the ideal treatment plan according to your specific needs.

You’ll start noticing the results as your body replaces the old and damaged skin tissues on the surface, which should take a few days. However, optimal results will appear after 3 to 6 months, once your body has restored your skin’s collagen reserves.

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Exilis Ultra 360 at Synergy MedAesthetics

Exilis Ultra 360 is a monopolar radiofrequency technology that heats up the dermis, i.e., the skin’s underlying layers, to activate collagen production. This procedure is completely non-invasive with no harsh side effects or complications. It activates collagen production without ever penetrating the skin’s surface, resulting in smoother and younger skin.

Which treatment areas does Exilis Ultra 360 address & how does it work?

Exilis Ultra 360 is a device that non-invasively delivers radiofrequency energy deep within the skin’s underlying dermal layers. Uneven skin texture and skin laxity occur due to the loss of collagen fibers. The radiofrequency energy channeled into your skin disrupts the old collagen fibers and encourages new collagen production. Over time, as your body improves collagen production, you achieve smooth, taut, and youthful skin.

Exilis Ultra 360 can be used on most parts of the body with signs of aging and wrinkles, from head to toe. However, the most popular treatment areas include the regions around the eyes, neck, abdomen, and upper arms.

What happens during the Exilis Ultra 360 treatment?

Your skincare provider will determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure — most people qualify because there aren’t any BMI or age restrictions. They’ll apply some topical anesthesia over the treatment areas and run the Exilis Ultra 360 applicators over your body.

As the device glides over your body, you’ll feel a gentle warmth as the radiofrequency energy penetrates your skin. The procedure concludes in 4 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area, following which you can resume your daily activities.

How many Exilis Ultra 360 sessions do I need & when will I see the results?

Most patients need 2 to 4 sessions scheduled 7 to 10 days apart for optimal results. However, everyone is different, and your provider will curate the ideal treatment frequency based on your specific needs.

Some patients notice considerable results after a single session. However, in most cases, the results appear gradually over multiple months and treatment sessions as your body rebuilds the collagen fibers.

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